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Teamwork approach to the unique set of circumstances of each client is the main guiding force of my philosophy.

Networking and seeking thorough understanding of intentions and different perspectives, creates an environment open to innovative solutions.  


Options presented to Client enable making informed business decision after careful consideration of all  aspects and related consequences. While I have the responsibility to provide my Client with all available options, I am happy to recommend a third party professional insight, if needed. 


Personal attention to each individual and business, large or small, is the key foundation of  my practice. My goal is to provide service that exceeds your expectations, at a reasonable fee, while building long term relationships.


Phone: 407-280-1988  

Fax:    407-210-0075

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Baruch College in New York City. Fortunate to learn the principles of serving clients in public accounting under the mentorship of  a regional firm based in Manhattan, New York for a decade. Continued growth and learning about Florida clients needs with a high quality Orlando firm for another decade. Now expanding my firm client base, while taking advantage of the latest technology and Serving Clients Nationwide.

Member of the National Society of Tax Professionals and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Located in Central Florida, close to the business district of Downtown Orlando and the historical Winter Park, which offers outstanding Art and Entertainment.


Easily accessed from nearby Interstate I-4 and Florida State Road 408 East-West Expressway.

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Received an IRS Notice ?

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Seek Professional advice of an experienced CPA

Allowing a professional to respond to your IRS Notice presents an opportunity to create a tax saving or request an approach that you are not aware of.  Do not delay and always forward your IRS correspondence to your professional upon receipt.


Time is of the Essence.   

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 4767 New Broad Street

Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL

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