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IRS Penalty Abatement-Orlando, Fl CPA

I knew that attending the IRS National Tax Forum would be beneficial. My goals were to network with Orlando CPA’s, obtain Tax Law Updates for Income Tax Preparation and earn credits for my Continuing Education Florida CPA License requirement. I honestly did not expect it to be very engaging and a genuine fun, but I was wrong! I had a great time meeting my fellow CPA's and more importantly, I've expanded my understanding of the policies and procedures needed to help you with your penalties abatement as presented by the IRS speakers.

IRS Forum offered many seminars during the week. They ranged from Advocating for Clients Cases Involving Penalty Issues, Responding to IRS Penalties, Advocating for Clients using Taxpayer Bill of Rights and Getting a Case ready for Appeals. Each of these seminars increased my understanding of required procedures and provided me with the additional tools to not only request IRS Penalty abatement on your behalf, but also to appeal your case as well, if necessary.

As you might know, I am a very results oriented person. My high success rate in negotiating my clients IRS problem cases stems from continuing to seek out the latest information and updated knowledge of the proper application of tax law, the related procedures, as well as respect for the applicable IRS approach to specific set of circumstances in the constantly changing administrative environment. I left the IRS Tax Forum feeling empowered for myself and for my clients. My biggest take away was acknowledging that practically all cases can be appealed with a reasonable success rate, if one follows the proper procedures and fulfills a certain set of applicable requirements. Review of related court cases was very interesting!

My up-to-date knowledge of these issues could possibly save you money in tax penalties. I am here to help you with your IRS notices and other IRS problems. If you received an IRS Notice, do not hesitate to forward it to me at, so we can get started on solving your IRS problem and make it go away!

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